April 28, 2019

Your own fault


If you’re in a position of any kind of authority (over your time or your department, devision or company) and you find yourself struggling with your workload, think back. Was it this way yesterday, last week, last month? Is this a blip or your standard MO? If it’s a blip, eat a little more pizza and suck it up. If it’s the norm, two things: accept it’s your own fault; and do something about it.

Your own fault? Absolutely. With authority, you can say No, prioritise or delegate almost everything. If you’re team doesn’t have the capacity or capability, hire it. If you don’t have the strength to say No (or Not Yet) or the ability to delegate, train those muscles (see the next step).

Do something. Finish what you can finish, delegate what you can delegate, hire who you need to hire.

Skippy strategy: Work your way out of overwork.