October 19, 2021

Your own look


Bring someone new into your organisation, they have no choice but to look around with fresh eyes. Those eyes will light on things they don’t understand, things that jar with their experience, things that don’t add up without an explanation. They see where you’ve compromised, where you’re working on assumptions, the people who don’t quite fit, the behaviours you’re excusing, the tap dancing and shell walking you have to do just to get through the day.

Some of what they see … it ain’t pretty. What’s worse: you see it too.

When it happens … stop making excuses and deal with what you find. Fill in the blanks on assumptions, polish up your act, stop compromising. Get on with building the organisation that’s proud of everything it does.

Why wait for someone else’s fresh eyes? Take your own look, and get on with it anyway.

Skippy strategy: Deal with what you see.