December 12, 2020

Your own process


Sometimes you do everything you can, it’s good enough, everybody likes everything – and still you don’t win the day. Other factors. Outside our control. Maybe next time. You understand.

Hey ho. Disappointing, but them’s the breaks.

The question, as ever, it what happens next. Option one – the emotional one, the kick in the gut one – is to rail against the world, complain about the outcome and find ways to be let everyone know the iniquity of the process.

Option two – the five seconds later one, the grown-up one – is to learn the lessons that can be learned and build them into you process for next time around.

You can’t control their process, you can only work with it. You can control your own, you can work harder, smarter, and you can prepare better for when they next come a-knocking.

Skippy strategy: Focus on what you can control – your own process.