March 15, 2023

Your thing


Every organisation has it’s thing. The thing that everyone knows is a problem – might be a person, or a structure, or a reporting metric, or a supplier, or an anything you like – and that will continue to be a problem until it’s put in the middle of the table and dealt with, definitively, so that it isn’t a problem any more. And yet. And yet. And yet it continues to be a thing.

What’s your thing? What’s the first thing that would be fixed by a new management team sweeping in with their unsentimental broom? How would they solve that thing?

And the thing about the thing – like every other thing, it’s soluble. Not only do you know what the problem is, you also know that the way to solve it is to start solving it. Because things only get done when people do them.

Skippy strategy: Solve your thing.