April 6, 2020

Your time


How will you use your time? A question for now, but not only for now. What will you do with it? What will you change, how will you change it? What holes will you mend in which roof? What can you start?

Most days are a fire fight, with some blazing brighter than others. When you get some down time, when deadlines get pushed back, when a space opens up in your day or week or year, when the fires cool, you have choices. When no one is clamouring, do we do this or this? Mend that roof, or build something new?


Take the time to backstitch – do things you’ve always known you need to do but have never had the urgency. Do them now, while there is no urgency.

Look to the horizon – have bigger thoughts, and do something about them. Get excited.

Skippy strategy: Get excited.