January 25, 2023

Your worst thought


It would be lovely if your first thought on the matter was your final one too. Not because of locking-on or dogma or la-la-unlistening in your belief that of course you’re right, no question, because initial reactions is always the way to go. Rather because the first time you crystallised the issue you saw it so clearly that the beams of light naturally arranged themselves into a nuanced, colourful and beautiful picture of such simple purity that all who saw it agreed with your wisdom.

The reality, your first thought – even if it’s good – is often your worst thought and will only benefit from additional input (from new data and different perspectives) and time enough to synthesise and clarify.

Which means, listen to your gut, add flavouring, stir with, allow time to simmer, listen to your gut again. Then decide.

Skippy strategy: The best bets aren’t placed on first ideas.