July 26, 2015

Changing conditions


Experience is conditional.

In a corporate cocoon, you get used to sure footedness. Every step placed carefully, protected by a web of systems and security and structure. A bit slow, minimum adrenalin – safe in a good way.

Starting from scratch, nothing’s tied down and everything’s at risk. When solid is an illusion, you have to be light on your feet and build a strong core that rides the bucking and buckling. Fast and loose wins through.

It’s the transition that causes the problems.

When the ground shifts under corporates, thing can get ugly. When a market matures, certainty trumps variety.

Look out for a shift in conditions. If the weather’s changing fast, get the right gear and find someone who knows the waters.

Skippy Strategy: If out there changes faster than in here, you’re gonna get left behind. Look for indicators and find people who know the new ropes.

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