March 24, 2019

Get and give


Every time something goes wrong in the supply chain, there’s a cascade of difficult conversations all the way to the end customer. None of it fun and none of it pretty. The only way of making it less bad than it could be is to get and give the best intelligence possible.

That means taking responsibility for accurate, fulsome, direct and timely information. It means getting to the bottom of what when wrong, it means working up alternative and next-best options, it means taking additional costs on the chin and considering them an investment in customer relations, it means pulling in favours, expediting options, and running towards the problem.

The one thing it doesn’t mean: hiding.

Nobody will thank you for keeping them in the dark when they still had time for contingencies.

Be honest. Take it on the chin. Learn.

Skippy strategy: Get and give and the best information possible.