April 14, 2015

Getting snug


Working together for a common cause can make life easier, or way harder.

Organisations are built on the principle that we can achieve more together than we can apart. Collecting people and assets behind one idea, resources are directed at a shared plan that’s only made possible by their cohesion. It takes a decent plan and some management to get the benefit, but it’s relatively easy to sort.

Partnerships between people or organisations are supposed to work the same way. We get together because we’ll be faster, smarter, leaner, better if we share resources and risks. Contracting and governance can suck time and attention, and it’s easy for one party or another to get greedy.

Alliances are looser. Less integrated but focused on a single benefit like joint marketing, reducing selling costs, bolt on expertise. Not so tight. Flags of convenience.

Loosest of all relationships are with suppliers whose products or services get built inside their customers’ products or services.

Get these relationships right – working with people and organisations who believe that everyone wins when they all make life better for each other – and huge leaps can be made very quickly.

Anytime you feel the conversation’s a bit dalek-ish, retrieve the situation or start looking for new friends.

Good partners make life better for each other. When you find them, snuggle in.

Skippy Strategy: Review your key relationships. Which need praise, which need work, and which need replacing? How will you do it?