June 30, 2015

Giving thanks


Every now and again someone does something exceptional. Just for you.

Busy people can get so wrapped up in their day-to-day battles, so focused on what they’re trying to do, so cut off from the realities of every life other than their own that they miss the exceptional. Not that they think it’s normal, just that they’re moving so fast they don’t stop for a moment even to appreciate the strangeness, let alone acknowledge it.

Without even a beat they’re changing track; another email, meeting, plane, train. Automatically changing focus to the next thing, and the next.

“Hold on a second. What just happened? That was amazing. Thank you.”

Even the most extraordinarily busy people can notice when someone does something just for them. The people we all want to be don’t only notice, they take an extra five seconds to give thanks or five minutes to write it.

Skippy Strategy: Add that five seconds as often as you can. Over your next coffee, give five minutes to give thanks.

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