July 22, 2015

Information superhero

Helping hand

Customers want information. Nothing special. They just want to know what they want to know – how to use the product, to deal with your company, to fix their problem, to get where they want to go.

Three choices:

Cheap … eliminate it. Products so simple, and customers can work things out from themselves.

Effective … give it with joy. Make it simple. Self-service if possible, hand-holding if not.

Expensive … make them pry it from your reluctant hands. Put systems in place that give information that makes them ask more questions. Parcel the answers between separate departments. Hide behind policies that shift in the sand. Try to avoid simple answers and make sure no one has authority to act.

Cheap and Effective seem smarter.

Skippy Strategy: If your customers want to know, give them the answers.

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