August 2, 2015

It’s gonna happen


Some things are absolutely gonna happen – guaranteed.

Weather will be bad, shipments will be late, holidays will close the factory, elections will happen, component will reach their end-of-life, competitors will knock on your customers’ doors, secrets will escape, there will be rainy day.

Some, like holidays, are in the diary right now. Most are dark clouds just over the horizon; they’re coming but you don’t know when.

If you like a crises (and they are exciting), hang around. Be surprised and live on adrenaline.

Or, right now, when you don’t need it, you could build your plan.

The calendar and conditions march to their own beat. Whatever you do, it’s gonna happen anyway.

May as well be prepared.

Skippy Strategy: Sit with your team and a calendar. What can you schedule now, what do you need in contingency?

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