February 3, 2022

Next tree


At the beginning, you know nothing for sure. You have an idea about things and a direction of travel, but even with a clear enough picture of the destination, the specifics of the journey live only in your imagination, and it’s misty in there. Every step you take, you understand more, you head for and recognise milestones, progress looks like this. Problem is, every step you take also adds legacy to where you find yourself – technical debt, decision debt, we do things like this debt.

When you’re resting under the next tree, look in your back pack. What are you carrying that holding you back? What should you remove, what needs repacking, what needs to be replaced with newer, brighter, more fit for purpose equipment, what systems need an upgrade, what people or processes do you need?

Skippy strategy: Get over the sunk costs, what do you need for tomorrow?