April 11, 2017

Plain words


We all pull our punches.

We use a lot of words to not say the thing we really want to say.

Buried in all the talk … a hope. A hope that the person listening will work out which words are closer to your target and hear the message you want to give. In our internal dialogue, “That’s pretty damn clear, isn’t it?”

Some hope.

Most times – unless they’re being purposely obtuse – the listener emphasises words closer to what they want to hear. They interpret in a way that confirms their own bias. In their own internal dialogue, “He thinks I’m doing great, right?”

So be explicit. When you feel yourself pulling your punches and living in hope, don’t.

When it matters, when hoping hasn’t worked, when it’s time to get moving … be direct. Plain words. Use examples. Leave no wriggle room.

Skippy strategy: When they need to know, tell them clearly.