July 24, 2015

Scared of take off


There are seventeen airplanes in some stage or readiness for take off. Pushed back from the gate, on their way to the runway – ready to move into place, unleash the dogs, and start their journey proper.

Now it’s your turn.

Each project spends all its time getting to this point. Putting all the pieces in place with the right people on board, fuelling up and moving into position.

And then … when it’s time to go … that moment of fear as you cede control, feel the thrust and get pushed along for the ride.

It can be a difficult moment. Committing. Putting everything on the line.

To get here demanded new skills, important skills, senior skills – that meant putting yourself in other people’s hands. Building a team that’s ready for the off. For the first time in a long time you may not know everything about what’s going on. You may have to trust other people’s judgement.

It gets its own momentum.

It can be scary.

Fear might make you want to stay in the terminal, safe and in control.

But it’s all been about this: the runway. Assuming the team is good and everyone’s clear about the destination … release the brakes … sit back … and off, we, go.

Skippy Strategy: Accept momentum as a force for progress. Set the control surfaces, throttle up and look to the horizon.

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