September 2, 2015

Spend your way to success?


Grand hotels chew through a lot of cash.

Some of it goes to location: the beach, city centre, by the conference, opposite the park. Some goes to furnishing and fittings and the 1000 thread-count Egyptian-cotton linens on the beds. More goes to offering intriguing service options that get you in the spa with hot stones on your back.

Anyone with enough money can spend their way to the top end in their industry.

It’s not enough.

Grand hotels and great businesses hook the moving parts together to make them sing –  it takes grand people who never settle, who keep an eye on everything, always push, set up with an expectation of quality, and do the right thing rather the easy one.

Cash gets you to the start gate, it takes will to stay in the race.

Skippy Strategy: Great products aren’t enough. Blend with great people and attention to detail.

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