February 24, 2022

The specifics


Ambiguity always causes delay and frustration. If we’re not sure where our responsibilities begin or end there are two possibilities. One of us will hold back, imagining the other has this and not wanting to stop on their toes, or one of us will over reach, step on the other’s toes and cause friction. Most people, fearing the latter, stand in the former, and the thing doesn’t get done or maybe half done at best.

Which means, make it clear. Make it clear where the lines meet. Make it clear what you expect. Make it clear when you expect it. Make the handover criteria clear.

You might think it’s good to leave it up to everyone to work it out. It isn’t. Have the conversation as a team around a whiteboard, agree some principles and then nail down the specifics.

Skippy strategy: Make sure everyone is clear – no ambiguity.