July 4, 2015

Time to breathe


Some things just take as long as they take.

Government, of course. Wine. Cogitators. People who want to make their own mind up, with their own agenda and marching to their own beat.

Go get ‘em, push push push Type A people can make things happen. Amazing things if we’re lucky. But the world has a way of turning on it’s own and some things will not be rushed. What isn’t important today will get to the top of the pile … one day.

You can push all you like. Makes no difference to speed. Might push them away.

Accept it. Take no offence. Stay on the edge of the radar.

Just saying hi.


I saw this and thought of you.


Looking forward to …


As the world moves around the sun, stay in touch and add value when you can. What goes around …

Skippy Strategy: Who should you ping? More often? Less? – ping ping ping ping ping is harassment.

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