August 23, 2015

What changed


What changed?

Everything was going along swimmingly. Emails were exchanged, coffee was drunk, meetings were productive.

And then … a change of tone, less responsive, everything slowwweddd. And. Stop.

Don’t jump to the worst case – that’s it’s about you, your proposition, your product. It might be, but maybe not.

Other people’s organisations are always more complex than the shining monolith you see from the outside. Lots of moving parts and shifting priorities. If a key decision maker leaves, if funding is uncertain, if a crisis boils, if any one of a thousand other misadventures … things (especially other people’s things) go on hold whist they work out who or how to get back on track.

Don’t assume it’s you. Don’t assume active decision making. Do give the benefit of the doubt.

Accept that it’s something. Find out what. Deal with reality.

Skippy Strategy: Look out for changes of tone or pace. Find out what changed.

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