June 2, 2017

What customers want


What do customers want?

The short answer: they want what they want.

The longer answer: customers want what they want. Whilst some are better that others , it’s likely that they aren’t very good at articulating what that is. That puts the emphasis on you. In the first instance, to ask – just in case they can nail it, or at the very least to give you a starter-for-ten.

After that, you just have to work it out – a bit of trial and error, a lot of paying attention and plenty of communication. Whatever happens, you can’t take anything for granted. What works for one won’t work for the next. What worked yesterday, won’t work tomorrow. People, circumstances, times all change. Sometimes, a questioning thumbs-up is all they need, sometimes a full debrief.

Same for your staff.

Same for you.

Skippy strategy: The job is working things out.