August 7, 2015

When things go wrong


Most of the time there’s what you do. What your team, or department, or division, or company actually does for its shilling. The reason you all exist here.

It consumes you. You think and prod and poke to make it work and work better, to shave ounces of cost and add pounds of value. You’re validated by it. You’re proud of it. You have a job because of it, and that job is to make it happen again and again. Better, faster, leaner, smarter if you can.

It’s a quiet thing that you do in the shadows. No fanfare. The glow come from within for a job well done.

Then there’s the times when things go wrong.

It’s a mind flip.

Sure, you have to work out what’s wrong and how to fix it, and do the actual fixing part. Which is a lot like business as normal with a little less time.

The big difference? Now you have to do it at the front of the stage, under a solo-spot, with everyone holding their breath and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Protectionism, robotic responses and canned speeches don’t cut it.

The how-to of management and communications is a juggling act. Not something to learn with the curtains open in a full house. Practice being human.

Skippy Strategy: Build fail-overs and fail-safes and work to get comfortable at the centre of the stage.

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