April 18, 2017

Wiggly lines


Unless you’re following a recipe, doing things for the first time means making things up as you go along. There’s no guide book. Nobody who’s not in the weave with you can understand. No one can give clear and concise instructions. Somebody might have some clues, and you’re wise to ask around and listen to what you hear, but it’s on you.

You’re the navigator.

And that means … getting lost, back-tracking, finding yourself, groundhog days, wasted time, blind alleys and plenty of doubt. It means life on wiggly lines.

Eventually though, things straighten out. You work out the fastest route from A to B. You know what works.

Next question … who’s going to do it? Who’s going to follow the process, write the report, clean out the kitchen, put tab X into slot Y?

Because after the wiggly lines, it’s time to organise.

Skippy strategy: When you know, make it clear.