March 2, 2015

A juicy idea?

Leap of Faith

Taking ideas out to meet the world is a lot harder than having them.

Say I have a secret recipe for fruit juice, and I want to make it into a business. Then what? My kitchen becomes my workshop, pots and pans my friends. I learn about food regulations and the chemistry of freshness. I get on first name terms with the grocer. So far, all I’ve done is spend my time and money. Not a business yet. It becomes a business when someone else agrees so much with what I’m up to that they buy my product.

For that to happen, I have to take it out on the road.

I have to load my wheelie-cool-box with juice, walk into every cafe I find and start the conversation, “Hi, …”

That leap of faith is filled with dread: rejection, laughing in my face, I’m a failure. That my secret recipe is a public flop.

The only opinions that count belong to customers. No substitute.

Skippy Strategy: What are you working on privately that only makes sense publicly? What’s the first part of it you could take out to meet the world? How would you do that? Don’t wait.