First ideas are often clear, direct, and right on the money. You immediately see how the foot bone is connected to the head bone. Not all the details, but the pieces that build the whole. A joint, a connecting rod, some flexibility here and a pivot there.

Working the problem exposes the details. The colour, the position, the context, the properties, the exact specification. You’re on your way.

First ideas are just as often dead wrong. What seemed real is a mirage. The obvious route is a dead end. What looked like a pivot turns into an anchor.

One reaction: take out the dynamite, blast it through, stay on course by force of will and spend of budget. Hope momentum will carry you through. Save face.

Another: take one step back, re-view, re-imagine, re-work, re-think. Focus on the end game.

Don’t be swayed by the first idea just because it was number one. Look again. Be swayed by the certainty of how things are, on the ground, in reality.

Skippy Strategy: However sparkling the first idea, work the details, deal with reality. Good idea are the ones that work.