There’s a pipeline of opportunities you’re working on. Potential sales and prospects sitting at anything from 10-90% possibility. Your cash-flow and operating models are based on it. You manage against it, report on it, scale up for it, live with it.

It’s the clearest statement of immediate effort.

Less clear … the pipeline of ideas.

A best guess on how or where the market is moving, what customers will want next year, what you’ll offer and how your business will evolve to get ahead of the game. Proactive thinking. Everything between idle thoughts and active effort.

Manage it, talk about it, report on it. What does it mean? Do you want it? What has to happen to take it from idea, to maybe, to do-able, to done.

Skippy Strategy: What’s in your pipeline of ideas? What can stay on the back burner and what needs closer attention? How will you manage the change?