Rub two technologists together for long enough and they’ll spark a new product. Leave them longer and the feature list grows. Maybe one day they’ll take it out to meet the world.

If they do, and if they ever get past friends and shared DNA to real live customers, the product is good enough. For now at least, not forever.

The critical next step is to work out how to get more customers (and then get them). Treat it like an engineering problem if you have to: hypothesise, poke, review, but above all test it all in the real world.

Technologists like to build products but someone has to build the business. As soon as you have anything worth showing, take it out into the sun. For the moment, one more customer conversation is worth more than one more feature.

Skippy Strategy: As soon as you have enough of a product, start working out how to sell. The best people to ask how? Customers.