September 4, 2015

About the wow


Months of work. Twenty thousand words. Nuanced understanding. Considered recommendations. Deep, deep substance.

Exactly what you were hired to do.

Their only reaction … “Where’s the wow?”

If you were hired to deliver substance and only substance, if you’re in the room specifically because you dive to the the very heart of the thing, if your job was to explain the almost unexplainable … they didn’t hire you for the wow … don’t worry about the wow.

Customers can move the goalposts. They can take you for granted. They can leap to next steps without taking breath. They can under appreciate and fail to acknowledge.

Look yourself in the mirror … did you do the best job you can? Ok then.

Skippy Strategy: Don’t expect customers to put out the banners for a job done well. Expect them to pay their bills and get on with their day.

Keeping Promises