June 21, 2015

Hold their hand


It’s a rare customer that knows exactly how to make the best of what they buy.

Some are expert, tearing through packaging and extracting all the value without a second thought.

Most need more help. What the … where does … how about … does that mean … ?

Product companies respond with intuitive design and instructions. Do it like this. Put tab A into slot B. Call our helpline. Click here to talk.

Service companies have it harder. Customers rarely know exactly what they want and don’t know the options or even the questions to ask.

Don’t make them work it out on their own. Hold their hand.

Do everything you can to make sure your customers get easy and maximum value from their purchase.

It isn’t only good for them. It’s the best thing you can do for your own development:

  • Customers who max out on value tend to be happier, remember you next time, and probably tell their friends. Building repeat business and word-of-mouth like this is the most effective marketing you’ll ever do.
  • All that insight is the richest source possible of new product and service development ideas – which reduces costs, increases value and differentiates you in the market.

Customers see things differently. Holding their hands as they cross the road helps them along and lets you see the flowers on the other side.

Skippy Strategy: Support your customer’s journey, learn from them along the way.

Keeping Promises