March 23, 2015

How do I get the value?


I don’t care about ease-of-use unless I first understand the value-of-use.

You need both. Developers should do everything in their power to make the product simple to use and marketers should hone the message so customers easily understand the value of the product.

That’s great but not enough.

Even when I understand and want the value that the product offers and believe it’s easy to use, there’s one more step in the dance. Extracting the value.

It’s no good chucking your product, powerful marvel that it is, over the wall and assuming customers will know what to do with it when it lands. How will they get the value?

You have to mediate. You have to build a bridge.

What you offer is rarely the whole solution. Help your customer get where they really want to to.

Skippy Strategy: Your product or service: How can you make it easier to extract the value? What else should be in the box, package, solution? Who needs training, who can give it? What other products or services have to be involved before all that power comes easily to hand – how can you partner to provide everything as a seamless package?

Keeping Promises