February 14, 2015

How to build a reputation?


Calling something “sound” – actually being what it appears to be – dates from when we traded goods for gold. If a dropped coin made the right noise, it was sound. If it sounded like a dud, it probably was.

These days, customers and colleagues still work out soundness pretty quick.

The brand you project in the market, your reputation at work – are built on the truth of how you act, not what you say.

So the challenge isn’t about communication.

Customers listen to what you say and pay attention to what you deliver. Friends hear what you say but watch where your feet are heading – what are you doing to show, not tell, that you mean it?

Staff ignore the razzle-dazzle. If you talk up the value of innovation, you have to show you mean it; shine lights on new ideas, raise innovators, reward risk takers. When you find a winner, it’s time to double down – and that means allowing resources to flow into pilot projects and instigators with initiatives. Innovation is in the doing.

In the end, your partner, your spouse, your colleagues and your customers will only buy what you say when your mouth, your feet and your wallet are travelling in the same direction.

Talk about it if you want to, you’ll only be sound if you do what you say you’re going to do.

Skippy Strategy: Look back at the last week. Was there a time when your walked, talked and bought in different directions. Fix that.

Keeping Promises