July 8, 2015

Move the mountain


There are people who can churn through a stack of work. Without complaint, seemingly without taking breath, the To Do pile shrinks and the Done pile grows. They don’t get excited about it, don’t get off on hard labour. They just put their head down and get on with it. If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing now.

Sadly, they’re a rare breed.

Most of us pick around the edges, welcome distractions – you will stay for coffee, won’t you – and take twice as long as we should. It doesn’t matter how brilliant we are, if we don’t pick up the phone, respond to the brief, crush some rocks, do our bit, we’ll only ever be full of good intentions.

A team that gets things done will outperform the most brilliant dilettantes – ten to one.

Skippy Strategy: There’s a time to plan. But when it’s time to do, pull on your boots and move the mountain.

Keeping Promises