July 17, 2015

Time constraints


When customers have immovable deadlines – that ship’s gonna sail, no matter what –  it’s not ideal, but you have to get on board.

Most times it’s possible if someone takes a hit – a bit more cash, some all nighters, a few more people standing round the well. The pizza man gets a bonus and everyone needs a holiday. Bon voyage.

Sometimes though, there is just, no, way. You’re left with two options: quality or scope.

Leave out the undercoat – is might be possible to do the work, at lower quality, with fewer steps. It won’t be quite so polished, things might not fit just so, the ideas may be a little less evolved. But done is better than perfect if it lets them catch the tide.

Casual wear, no jackets – your customer might want every feature, but they won’t need all of them on day one. The software might be a bit ugly at the back end – hard coded options rather than slick widgets – but at least they’ll be sailing.

None of these options gives a free pass on crappy work. Just sayin’.

Most important … everything has to be done with the customer in the loop. In the end, they get to choose more pizza, less undercoat, or shirt sleeves.

Skippy Strategy: When you’re running out of time, don’t bluff. Call the customers, give them options.

Keeping Promises