October 4, 2015

Alternative views


Other people have opinions. Some of them, shock, are different to yours.

But before you close your ears, or unload both barrels on their naive failings in logic and let them know precisely where they left the path of righteousness … stop.

Fight the urge to shout them down, don’t try to convince and cajole them to agree they’re wrong. Even if you could win the argument, they’ll be others with the same ideas.

Meet them head on. Co-opt alternative views as an inner voice, a conscience that wants to be heard, understood, learned from, challenged by, tested against. What is their substance? What can they add? How can you grow?

Alternative views shouldn’t be beaten back, or ignored. They’re to be welcomed. They’re exactly what you need to hear.

Skippy Strategy: Next time you want to say, “Yes, but …,” instead, say, “What makes you think that?”