June 3, 2015

Ambitious enough?


Assuming the lines are straight and everything connects just so, that you deal with stresses in the system and keep on rolling …

What if your shareholders knocked on the window demanding 15% growth in the next five years? A little shy of 3% per year. Would it mean riding the industry trends, lagging behind or breaking free? Could you manage it? Do you have the team and the skills? Business as usual or bet the farm?

Is it a mountain or could you bag it with a day-pack and street shoes?

What if they wanted 50% in five years? Better than 8% per year. Change the answers?

Or 12% a year for 76% growth. How would you organise for success? Build the team, new products, new markets, upgrade, pay more attention to performance, think- act- hire- fire- different? Challenging enough?

A guess: 12% is more challenging than 3%.

Taking on bigger challenges makes you think bigger and act bolder.

Another guess: the best of your team are the same. Challenge them and they’ll rise. Don’t, and they’ll find somewhere more interesting that does.

To motivate, targets must challenge, grab attention, demand creativity and force you to kit-up as you head out the door. Business as usual they are not.

Skippy Strategy: Pick a mountain. Organise.