September 30, 2015

Centre stage


It’s not always easy to admit we need help.

For big things, it’s not so hard. Something you’ve never done before, no problem. Building a skyscraper … easy.

I’s the achievable and little small things that trip up our egos. That spreadsheet, the sales call, the product roadmap, facilitation, fixing the problem, turning a somersault. “I can do that.”

You probably can, but there’s a difference between things you can work out if you have to, and taking it in stride.

On your own, it’s ok to pick your way around the keyboard, one note at a time. With enough time, a recognisable melody appears.

Centre stage is different.

When pressure mounts and you absolutely have to deliver in real time, the ability to work things out might not be enough. You might be able to do it, but someone else will do better. What then?

Leadership sometimes means making the call that someone on the team, maybe you, needs to swallow their ego and call in reinforcements.

Skippy Strategy: Everyone can learn new skills, but conscript all the talents when you need them.