November 18, 2015

Cracking along


And then.

There was nothing.

To do.

Not exactly nothing. But nothing out of the ordinary.

A whole to-do list of standard operating procedures. Some of that thing we do, and some of that other thing we do, and then a little bit more of that thing we do almost every day.

A rarity, when things are cracking along.

Don’t invent things to worry about. Don’t look for fires to fight. Don’t blitz a crazy hour second guessing past decisions. Don’t listen for the sound of an impending earthquake.

Visit the factory floor. Chew the fat in the warehouse. Perch on the edge of a desk and indulge the kind of interest you don’t always have the time for.

Look for good things, point them out. Ask questions, tell stories, listen, laugh.

And when you say to yourself, “I should do this more often,” remember you said the same thing last time.

Skippy Strategy: Find time to stop being productive and start being … there.