There are some things that demand attention. It’s not if, but when.

When they’re big and urgent – blowing up quickly and stopping everything in their tracks – they get dealt with lickety-split and everyone moves on.

The problem comes when they’re not urgent. The low-grade, insidious, corner-of-the-eye, chipping-away-at-the-edges kind of issues: the creeping up of a competitor, a relationship going sour, an ageing product line that’s still a cash-cow, an unfairness that eating away trust.

“I know it’s there but can’t deal with it today. Maybe later. There are bigger fish to fry.”

You can ignore them, you can pretend, but they only get worse. Whilst you’re looking the other way, they have a habit of jumping to the top of the most threatening, most important, most urgent, most destructive list.

There are always competing priorities – but don’t let urgent day-to-day niceties get in the way of important long-term necessities.

Skippy Strategies: Search the back of your mind and the corner of your eye. What are you ignoring? Put it back on, and high up, the agenda.