November 4, 2015

Double down


Confidence crinkles when things don’t go quite the way you expect.

Recovering from little things doesn’t take more than a hmmph! before you’re back on your stride. Bigger things make bigger waves that you can ride out. Sometimes though, really big things swing around and punch you in the face so hard you question your place at the table.

Smart move.

It’s good to question. Look at the facts. Nail the data points. Think again.

It’s good to prod at assumptions and poke the leaps of faith that niggle away at every project that aims to change the status quo.

Swim deep, shine the light, be honest.

And when you’re done questioning … then what?

Gather your team and advisors, chew on the results, and work out whether to double down, to trim and adjust for course and direction, or to stop and find something else to do.

The most important outcome? Absolute clarity.

Skippy Strategy: Respect the situation – take time to reflect on the way the world turned. Then breath in, breath out and commit to whatever comes next.