October 16, 2015

Efficiency and effectiveness


Like love and marriage, and horse and carriage, it sometimes feels like efficiency and effectiveness go together.

It’s a nice idea. Efficiency drives effectiveness drives efficiency drives …

And it’s true. Kinda.

They’re often further apart than the phrasing suggests.

Efficiency is about doing more with less. Saving 5% of effort, of 40% of cost to achieve the same result makes perfect sense.

Being effective is about achieving the desired result. That 5% saving.

Being effective as a team leader is rarely (never) an exercise in efficiency. When humans get involved – with their ideas, values, needs, egos, experience – with their very human-ness, everything becomes downright messy. There simply isn’t an efficient method to chew through complex conceptual issues. It’s always two steps forward, three steps back, wriggling to the mountain top.

When building teams – efficiency is a nice to have, it’s day will come.

Skippy Strategy: When it’s about thinking rather than doing, effectiveness comes first and last.