July 25, 2015

Find a tree


Some time ago, without fuss or anyone noticing, things got off plan. Someone needed a quick fix to a short term question and made an obvious choice. Just a tiny nudge that knocked things off track.

A few more questions. Some tactical answers. Doesn’t take long to get lost in the long grass. Keeping tactical, you might find your way to a clearing – oh, what are we doing here? – maybe not.

There are two crucial steps: realising you’re off course and climbing a tree.

Off course? – In the thick of the day-to-day, it might just feel like being busy so if it isn’t obvious, how do you know? Tell your story to a trusted outsider. Does it sound bitty or coherent? Do they smile and nod (like you’re crazy) or ask insightful questions (like you’re smart).

Tree climbing – Whenever you’re lost, find perspective. Sit with your team, work it out together. Where are we now? Where do we want to get to? What’s the new plan?

Of the two steps, the first is the hardest.

Skippy Strategy: Next time you’re feeling frazzled, buy lunch for someone you trust.