September 29, 2015

Going off piste


At the beginning of things, you can go in any direction. Follow the beaten path, peek down hidden trails, charge into the bush, strap on your snow shoes or swim from the shore.

Soon enough, you’ll choose a route and work you way along the track, sometimes with a machete, always with a careful eye.

Clear vision and at least some discipline in project management should get you close to where you want to go.

And then, and then … close to the end … a bright light shines and someone gets tempted to find another path or an entirely different mountain. Grabbed by the fear of failure from the jaws of success? Second guessing, performance nerves, distraction therapy?

The final push can be hard, there may be resistance, they may ask questions, small things will magnify. Doesn’t mean the route is wrong, it just means they care.

Now is the time to push through.

Skippy Strategy: When you’re close to end: a little grit and a few more step across.