May 9, 2015

How to work together


Building an effective team is top of the list for any leader.

Assuming you have people in the room you can work with, then what?

Get them to work together.

Effective teams trust each other’s skills and know how to get the best from each other. The trust part is huge and builds with experience. The know how part can be pretty hard won too as each person develops a working relationship based on evolving understanding.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a short cut? Some way of accelerating the process so they know how to get the best of you and you know how best work with them.


Whenever you join or bring someone new into the team, remove the veil. What’s the best way to work with you? What can they do to help you achieve your goals? What are your weaknesses, when do you need a nudge, what are the signs you’re flying too close? What were your most effective working relationships, what made them work?

Trust your team with your inner workings and they’ll likely trust you.

Skippy Strategy: If something or someone isn’t clicking in your team, give your trust, ask how to make it better.