Absolutely no doubt that you’re on your own with this one. No pushing down, no pushing up. The ball’s in your court, everyone’s effected, and it’s a tough call. What’s your decision?

One way is to hunker down, work through the pro’s and con’s and come to a conclusion.

Another way, a more effective, implementable, team oriented, get buy-in on–the-way way, is to listen before you speak.

Hard choices rarely have to be made in a moment so take time to take counsel. Everyone has an opinion – although they’re easily tainted if you open with yours – so hold back, ask nicely, and give them the space to answer.

Weigh up what you hear, take it in, synthesise. Then listen to your gut.

Skippy strategy: Next time you’re faced with a judgement call, educate your stomach by leading with questions and keeping your senses switched on.