August 3, 2015

Put it back


Starts are highs. Excited faces looking forward, thrilled about the journey, getting here was tough but we’re finally on our way. Alll-rrrrighty then.

After the thrill … reality.

The mundanity of putting one foot in front of the other. Checking off the task list. Head down slogs up hills. Milestones. Deliverables.

It’s doing the actual work that makes the project happen. It ain’t gag-a-minute, and enthusiasm wanes.

Your job is to build it back up.

Remind them of the goal and talk about progress. Say thank you. Tell them how the project’s going and where they fit. Show some passion. Be honest. Praise whatever you can, “Love what you’ve done there.”

It’s lonely in a crowd sometimes and it’s easy to get lost. Bring the team together and make them feel good about the game.

Skippy Strategy: If they’re doing a good job, tell them. If it’s bad, tell them that too. Always look forward, be honest, be open.