April 10, 2015



One of the great challenges is delivering against long term goals whilst dealing with the day-to-day.

Under pressure to get things done, to fight fires, to stay in the loop, to deliver results … myopia sets in and long vision softens its sharpness.

Repetition snaps it back. Every chance you get: our mission, the customer we serve, the value we offer, our objectives, our plan.

“Thanks for coming today. We’ve got a busy schedule but I’d like to take a few minutes to review our goals and check in on progress.”

“As you know, our primary goal this year is …”

“I’d like to remind everyone how today’s meeting contributes to our long term strategy.”

Tip-toeing through daily skirmishes, eyes drift down to take care at every step. Your job is to lift them to the horizon and remind everyone where they’re heading.

Skippy Strategy: Carve out five minutes at the beginning of the next team meeting to remind everyone the goal of the journey and how you plan to get there.