July 19, 2015

Seeing the curve


Everyone’s busy with the day-to-day. There’s meeting to have, customers to visit, teams to build, products to develop, funding to find. It’s full on.

You know the world is turning and that change is on the way, but today is pretty much like yesterday and tomorrow will fit the mould. That thinking’s ok for now and may be for some time yet – but don’t take it for granted.

Even if the Next Big Thing is mythical, everything has already changed – a lot – in the past five years. It’ll flip again. Without thinking … two technologies that will shift the world – the internet of things and 3D printing – what’s coming your way?

Everyday management demands so much attention it’s easy to miss climate change. Take time out – conferences, trade shows, reading, inside and outside your industry – to test the wind and triangulate.

Few of us have to be ahead of the curve, but we have to know when it’s there.

Skippy Strategy: Create RADAR that shows what’s coming. Watch the intelligence and make active decisions: ignore, monitor, act.