Two parts

The first episode of a leadership life is played out in two acts.

Act 1 – Saying, “Yes” to the job title.

Some people never put themselves in a position of leadership – never take the forward step that makes decision makers consider them for the role, never jumping into their initiative. It’s not for everyone. High profile roles come with higher risk and nobody knows if the job’s for them until their knees are snugged under the table.

If it’s for you, the first act of leadership was accepting the role. Even if you’d been working up to it for years, it still took a deep breath, a brave face and first-hand knowledge of Imposter’s Syndrome.

Act 2 – Stepping into discomfort

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon there will come a moment when your leadership is tested. Until then, it’s vanilla. Management. Adding value to the meeting.

A tough call will show what kind of a leader you are.

Someone – maybe you – made a bad decision, took credit for another’s work, shouted when they should have listened, needs to collaborate not work alone.

Someone – maybe you – has to choose to be a leader in deeds, not just in title.

In slo-mo, everyone – including you – sees the decision.

Skippy Strategy: At the moment of truth, forget pride and ego, what’s the path to the top of the hill?