May 13, 2009

The ability to decide

A or B?

It’s a simple enough question, should we go with option A or B?

I think B.

What’s that you say?

Oh, maybe A would be better because of C, or D. So you think A then, right?


Yes I see, there’s the chance that E will happen and then B would’ve been better after all. Hmmm.

Let’s just wait until the next meeting and then not make a decision then either. Cool.

Hear that noise? It’s the sound of the entire organisation spinning it’s wheels whilst you make up your mind.

The greatest gift a leader can have is the ability to decide.

I can’t find a direct quotation but I believe this comes from George C Marshall, 1880-1959, Nobel laureat 1953, Chief of Staff US Government 1939-1945 and originator of the “Marshall Plan”.