June 12, 2015

The easy and the hard

Saddle up

It’s easy to talk, it’s hard to do.

It’s easy to poke holes in, to obfuscate, to grandstand, to hobbyhorse, to undermine, to devalue, to minimise, to frustrate, to knock back, to say what you don’t want, to procrastinate, to roll your eyes, to divert, to tangle, to avoid, to be too busy, to deprioritise, to object, to say maybe, to equivocate, to say it won’t work or we’ve tried it already, to demotivate, to hold back, to be difficult, to drift.

It’s hard to push through, to energise, to begin and then middle and then end, to take action, to focus, to say yes, to find time, to help, to say what you want, to take responsibility, to lead, to take on, to prioritise, to add value, to maximise, to pay attention, to saddle up, to climb hills, to push on, to decide, to act.

It’s easier to get stuck than unstuck.

It’s harder to move fast than move slow.

The difference between forward motion and knee-deep in treacle? A team doing the hard stuff.

Skippy Strategy: Getting on with projects means doing the hard stuff. Lead by example.