July 30, 2015

The thing about maps


With no destination in mind, who needs a map? Or a plan?

Going somewhere new, they help. A lot.

How far from here to there? How much time? What’s the route? Interesting things along the way? Where to stop for lunch?

Maps do a pretty good job: we see the way, we show the team, we plan what to do, we pack for the journey. Next step, get out the door and look for signposts.

Then there’s reality. Bigger hills, unspotted rivers, unfindable waypoints, overgrown paths, lost then … here we are … found. When you’re in the woods, the plan helps you realise. When you’re on track, the plan says how far.

The thing about maps? They only resemble reality – you still have to think, you still have to work – but on the path less travelled, they give us confidence to go a long, long way.

Skippy Strategy: If you don’t have a destination, choose one. If you don’t have a map, get one.